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Hello all!

You know, I've been browsing LJ and friending people like mad and found this place and just discovered that I'm already a member! I don't remember joining! Oh well!

Hello, it's Heliona (yes, I'm that boring that my name is the same everywhere!). My LJ is pretty much about anything and everything - feel free to friend me. :)
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Starlin here, class of '02 :) I'm not a frequent poster on TORC these days, actually, I never was as frequent as most of you here :) Anyways, I mostly posted in the Virtual Tolkien Study Group (ah, those were the days!..) and Languages, and I used to roam around Guilds & Alliances too. Oh, and I found this group via  Facebook. I've been blogging on LJ for like 2 or 3 years, but most of my entries are in my native language, I'm kinda patriotic, you see :p

The Hobbit

Do you guys know how much I missed the old discussions in m00bies? Neither did I, until now... The Hobbit movie forum is addictive! I'm already up half an hour later than I'd meant to be, reading and posting there.

This is so exciting, we actually have stuff to worry over together again! (And GM's Spider Bilbo thread is hilarious.)
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Mith here, thanks to Aerin's sig :)

I started my lj over the summer, and I enjoy running into fellow TORcers here - feel free to friend me. Thanks for starting this community! My lj is a cross between fandom stuff and personal stuff and random stuff...just like most people's, I guess.

People have thought of this before, of course, but the old communities have been defunct for several years, so I'm glad someone took the initiative to start a new one.
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Ai, caramba! This is Ugluk from TORC.....currently, I really only use LJ for mocking Christopher Paolini and reading Limyaael's fantasy rants. Of course, there was that one community making fun of For Better or For Worse. LJ seems to be the perfect place for people united by their hatred of something to get together.

I guess that's what makes it great.